HomeAdvisor Elite Pro - Taylor Masonry

We started fifteen years ago restoring homes in the Greater Cleveland area that have been weathered and damaged by the ravages of pollution, wind, and rain to their former glory.  We are proud to continue that tradition today.  We can take dirty, chipped and cracking stucco, faded stone, spalled concrete, and more, making your home look like it did the day you moved in.  We also apply our vast knowledge and experience to preserving these surfaces, preventing the deterioration that can mar the appearance of your home even affect the structural integrity if left unchecked. 

Our experts not only preserve and protect your property but also match any repair work with the existing style and texture of your surfaces, ensuring a flawless appearance free of the blemishes left by less thorough repair work. Our work here has generated a reputation recognized by hundreds of commercial/residential investors & owners. Taylor has won numerous awards fromHomeAdvisor.com and is one of the highest rated companies in Greater Cleveland. These business practices have created over a 90 percent return rate from our valued customers to preserve and restore their properties.