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Taylor Masonry has been doing restoration and preventative maintenance on commercial buildings in the Greater Cleveland area for 15 years.  We have applied our expertise to everything from office buildings, malls/shopping plazas, apartment buildings, factories, churches and condo management groups.   

We have built a reputation for excellence in preserving, restoring, and repairing any facade surface.  Working to preserve your building is especially important as failing to do so can hurt the appearance of your building and drive customers away. 

More than that, if your surfaces go too long without being treated, it can even affect the structures physical integrity.  We can repair these effects and keep them from happening in the first place, saving you money and extending the life of your structures.  No matter if your building uses natural stone, concrete, classic brick, or rustic looking stucco we can help keep it from suffering the corrosive effects of weather and pollution. 

Our experts not only preserve and protect your property but also match any repair work with the existing style and texture of your surfaces, ensuring a flawless appearance free of the blemishes left by less thorough repair work. Our work here has generated a reputation recognized by hundreds of commercial/residential investors & owners. Taylor has won numerous awards from HomeAdvisor.com and is one of the highest rated companies in Greater Cleveland. These business practices have created over a 90 percent return rate from our valued customers to preserve and restore their properties.